Minister of Post and Telecommunications Karim Bibi-Triki has chaired on Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 with his Nigerian counterpart Hassane Barazé Moussa the proceedings of the first session of the Algerian-Nigerian joint committee for monitoring the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in terms of Post and ICTs, held via videoconferencing.

In his speech, the Minister has praised the quality relationships linking both countries by stating this achievement should be a motive for boosting and reinforcing bilateral cooperation more in this field.

As for the meeting of both parties’ senior officials, the Minister asserted it aims to put up operational mechanisms for monitoring and assessing the planned initiatives as part of this Algerian-Nigerian joint committee. This approach will enable both parties, said the Minister, to ensure the implantation of the recommendations to be issued in the forthcoming sessions.

In the same realm, the Minister mentioned the work sessions planned in the first session on bilateral cooperation mechanisms above mentioned, will be focused on studying the ways and means to intensify consulting and exchange of views among both countries’ experts in a bid to set up an executive program and a roadmap about the spheres of a strategic partnership included in the MOU. These fields will be defined in coordination between the partners.

As regards the challenges encountered by both countries, the Minister has called the Algerian executives and their Nigerian counterparts to make tangible suggestions comprising the fields stated in the MOU, in order to give way to quality activities and operations likely to lay the foundations for a close and efficient cooperation between both countries.

It is worth mentioning this MOU had been concluded by both countries’ governments on March 16th, 2017 in Niamey, and was approved by Algeria pursuant to the presidential decree n° 47-17 aiming at reinforcing cooperation and coordination in the post and ICTs fields.

A joint committee has been created by virtue of Article 6 of the MOU to be responsible for supervising and taking over the drafting of the MOU’s action plan and monitoring the implementation of the adopted projects in this framework. Moreover, it is aimed for assessing these projects. This committee’s members have been appointed during this first session’s proceedings.