A subsidiary of Algerie Telecom Group since 2006; operates in the field of satellite telecommunication, operating two licences VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) and GMPCS (Global Mobile Personal Communication System) as well as an operating authority for Geolocation. The mission of ATS is to set, develop and operate telecommunication networks to ensure national and international communications routing. Making it able to offer services mainly directed to companies and institutions of which the needs consist in connecting geographically dispersed sites, through realizing operational networks that meet their professional requirements.



ATS in figures

  •  Annual turnover of more than 3.8 Billion DZD ;
  •  More than 430 employees, most of them executives and engineers qualified in the ICT field;
  •  Extended implantation throughout the national territory : General Directorate (Cyber Parc Sidi Abdallah) ; five regional directorates (Algiers, Oran, Ouargla, Bechar, Constantine), and three branches (Sétif, Annaba and Tamanrasset) ;
  •  A Teleport at Lakhdaria, equipped with platforms: DOMSAT ; VSAT ; INMARSAT ; Geolocation ; Videoconferencing ; VoIP ;
  •  13 HUB (VSAT gateway) (Banks, Post office, MAE…);
  •  More than 1500 VSAT terminals ;
  •  More than 3200 THURAYA terminals ;
  •  More than 4200 Geolocation tag.


  •  Vsat networks ;
  •  Satellite Internet ;
  •  videoconferencing ;
  •  Ip telephony ;
  •  Satellite telephony/ Gmpcs (THURAYA/INMARSAT/IRIDIUM) ;
  •  Geolocation and fleet tracking system.


 Multi Locataires, Cyber Parcs, Sidi Abdallah
 +213 (0)23 20 21 55
 +213 (0)23 20 22 29