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Algérie Télécom

Algérie Télécom is the historical operator of telecommunications, it was created in the framework of restructuring the sector of post and telecommunications in 2000, by Act No 2000-03 of 05 August 2000, setting general rules, Pertaining to post and telecommunications. According to its status as an economic public company, Joint Stock Company. “Algerie Télécom” is also vised of ensuring a mission of public service.
“Algerie Télécom” is solely operator, that exploits the fixed telephony network and ( ADSL ) in Algeria with a capital of



Algérie Télécom in figures

  •  Number of employees: 21408


  •  Telephony
  •  Internet ADSL
  •  4G LTE
  •  Wifi (Wici)
  •  Videoconference
  •  Website Builder (OneClick)
  •  Numeric library ( fimaktabati)
  •  Parental control( fi@mane)
  •  E-paiement (Khlass)
  •  Offers complete solutions for companies and public institutions.


 Route Nationale n°5 Cinq Maisons,
Mohammadia , 16200, Alger
 +213 (0)21 82 38 38
 +213 (0)21 82 38 39